Rose Day 2018

Celebrate Rose Day 2018 With Fresh Flowers And Lots Of Love!

We all know that Rose day is the first day of Valentine week and it also marks the beginning of the valentine week or also called as lover’s week. If you want to know about the other days of this valentine week, you can check our calendar on the latest Valentine Week list 2018. Rose day is the day when all the young couples or an individual gives roses to their partners, loved ones or friends and family to show the loves and affection towards them.

There are different kinds of roses available on this day i.e. Rose day and each type of rose is associated with different meanings. For example the Red rose given on Rose day symbolize the Love and Romance whereas the Yellow or orange rose symbolize the friendship.

Happy Rose Day 2018-Have you been planning on the valentine week surprises lately? You might be and it is best to keep a surprise for your partner. People all over the world celebrate 14th of February as the Valentine’s Day. On this special day, the couples come together to express their feelings, thoughts, emotions, and love to each other. Valentine’s Day is the last day of the valentine week. The Valentine week consists of 7 different special days that are celebrated among the lovebirds and it all ends with the last day which is Valentine’s Day.

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It is one such occasion that is celebrated all over the world without any religious or country differences. The week starts with the rose day, and then propose day, chocolate day, teddy day, promise day, hug day, kiss day, and lastly Valentine’s Day. The rose day 2018 would be the beginning of your Valentine week like always where you can make sure you have all your surprises ready for your lady love.

Why Celebrate Valentine Week?

The main reason to celebrate Valentine week is to spread love and prosperity among the loved ones. Gifting each other with sweet and lovable gifts, spending some time together, and expressing love and passion to each other are the things done on this week. The happy rose day 2018 falls on Wednesday and lovers across the globe can’t wait that day to come so that they can express their liking and care, to the one they love.

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Like every rose day, the rose day 2018 will also be a special welcome to the valentine week where you can gift your lady love or Mr. Perfect beautiful and fresh roses or any other flowers of their wish to express your love.

Importance of Roses on Rose Day 

Roses are considered as the symbol of love and prosperity, thus couples gift roses on the Rose day to make the day even more special and heart-warming. Rose day 2018 is Wednesday and people usually make an effort to get some free time from work on this day so that they can spend some quality time together with their soul mate, and this time also you probably would do the same for your love.

Happy Rose Day Quotes 2018
Happy Rose Day Quotes 2018

If you are away from your loved ones because of work schedules or on a business trip, you can send your love fresh flowers and gifts to make their day special and memorable one.

Rose Day Date – 7th February 2018

Happy Rose Day

Observe the Power of Flower on Happy Rose Day

Here comes the day which we all are waiting for or some of us are eagerly waiting for. Happy Rose Day is the very first day of the whole Valentine Week 2018 and one this day as the name suggests many people give roses to their loved ones, friends, and family but in the major case, the roses go in the hands of loved ones or to the couples. There are many ways to celebrate the Happy Rose day and it all depends on you and how you feel about your partner.

Happy Rose Day
Happy Rose Day

So are you people excited to gift roses on this Rose day? Now, we all are aware that roses occupy a special position within us amongst all flowers. We celebrate happy rose day every year on 7th of February all over the world. Roses are pocket-friendly therefore you can as many as u can. You can even pluck the fresh rose that you yourself made the effort to grow in your garden. You all know that roses come in different colors so let me suggest you the significance of each color so that you can gift the right colored rose to the right person.

  • Red roses are given to express intense love,
  • Yellow roses suggest friendship,
  • Pink roses express happiness and joy,
  • White roses symbolize cleanliness and peace,
  • Darker shades of pink roses are for praises and appreciations,
  • Purple roses indicate the very idea of love at first sight.
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Happy Rose Day

Frankly speaking, won’t u love if someone gifts you a beautiful rose irrespective of any day? It is quite natural for all of us to love the sight of pretty fresh petals with a sweet perfume. Must say, a bouquet of roses literally can change your mood creating a lovely ambiance. Why don’t you decorate the room with roses to surprise your beloved? A surprise like this will definitely give happiness and will be memorable throughout the lifetime. Generally love has no date to celebrate so choose any date to relish and cherish your love and of course, roses are there at your service to make the moments extra special.

Do not forget to gift roses to your parents to signify your love and warm regards. Convey them that you are soulfully grateful towards them for all their unconditional love and services.

You can start the Happy Rose Day By giving a beautiful Red Rose to your partner and later on the day you can play a special dinner with her on her favorite restaurants or you can also plan a day trip with your partner. In this way, you both get the chance of celebrating the rose day with each other and also to understand each other in a better way.

So finally, gear up and grab the roses so that you don’t miss the chance of wishing your closed ones a very happy rose day.

How to Surprise Your Lover on the Rose Day

Rose Day

We all know the importance of Rose day and also know the fact that rose day is one of the most important days of valentine week and in fact, it is also the first day of valentine week. Rose day is the perfect day if you want to show some love and affection towards your love or your friends and family. As we all know that Roses are the sign of love and affection hence only these flowers can be used on the rose day 2018.

How to Surprise Your Lover on the Rose Day

Rose Day
Rose Day

February month is filled with many special days and one of the most significant days other than the Valentine’s Day is the rose day. The Valentine fever is spreading like the epidemic where everyone is planning something special for their partner. Valentine’s week is full of plans, and this is the time when love is actually in the air.

It is not about buying any rose from the flower shop and giving it to your partner, but it is more than that, and it has its significance. Have you planned something for this rose day? If not then continue reading this article.

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Ways to Surprise Her Lover on Rose Day


  • Chocolate: Chocolate is one of the favorite things about a girl so what about giving a rose shaped it chocolate? Roses and chocolate have a great exotic value which can easily infuse romance between you and your partner this Valentine’s. And if your partner is a foodie then a chocolate shaped rose is something which will make her the happiest.
  • Bouquet of roses: This day is celebrated on 7th of February where are all the lovers show their affection towards each other by giving a rose. If you are someone who is going to confess their love for the first time or whether she is your lover, you can send them a bouquet of roses which will not only look beautiful but also show your love towards her.
  • Golden rose: The roses will die the very next day after it has been plucked. So if you don’t want your love life to be like the rose petals and want it to stay beautiful always then you can gift your partner with a gold-plated rose. You can easily buy it from many shops, both online and offline and if you are someone who is in a long distance relationship, then it is the best gift which you can send.

These are some of the exciting gifts which you can give to your partner this rose day. These three ideas will surely make your partner super happy this rose day and make it a day worth remembering.

There are many people who even don’t know the importance of Rose Day and how to celebrate rose day properly in a well-behaved manner. And for this sole purpose only we have created a special section on Rose day on our homepage where you can find all the ideas and tips for celebrating the rose day and how to make this rose day one of the most memorable days in your girlfriend life.