ST Valentine's Day

ST Valentine’s Day

ST Valentine’s Day-Make the most out of valentine’s day this year with your partner!

ST Valentine's Day
ST Valentine’s Day

Did you forget the valentines day? Well if you need last minute ideas for celebrating st valentine’s day with your loved one then there are a lot of things you can do in less time. It won’t look rushed or cheap in fact your partner will remember this valentine’s day for years to come. Some of the fun things you can do in no time are-

ST Valentine’s Day-Last moment ideas for celebrating V-Day

  • If you woke up from sleep and just realized that its st valentine’s day, do not freak out. Send him or her a cute wish via text and don’t let them know that you forgot it.
  • Go to the shop and buy a dress for your loved one. Think of something you’ve been planning to gift them for long.
  • Ask them out in the evening, if you cannot purchase movie tickets because they are house full, opt for a long drive at the country side.
  • After the drive, go to a restaurant in the outskirts of the city, spend some intimate time with your loved one and make their day memorable.
  • Write a romantic letter, for them and gift it. Don’t forget to include all funny and personal moments in it.

Things to avoid on valentines day

If you have forgotten st valentine’s day, avoid letting them know, you can do a lot of things and make it look like you have been planning for months. If you like someone then there is no better day to ask him or her out for a date. Be confident, go up and directly ask whether they would like to be your valentine for the day. Be cool and composed and you are going to have the best time ever!

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